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The story of The Gaglus

Updated: Mar 17

The Gaglus

It has been said The Shamazen Dancers belonged to a great and mighty people whose empire lay surrounded by a moat of crystalline waters and whose lands lay far beyond the green hills. Stories claim, within the waters lived strange beasts called Gaglus. They carried one eye and resembled giant worms with many teeth and funnel-like mouths. For many years, the Gaglus guarded the kingdom well, not allowing anyone through. However, when the sun’s light came to a fade, the creatures lost sight, returning to the waters.


One evenfall, as the last of the rays set over the hills, a mass of armed men marched over the fells. They came in swarms, carrying vials of a dark matter as they waited for night to rise and when she did, and the creatures lost sight, they ran across the fields, dumping the cursed vials into the waters, taking everyone by surprise.


Tales spun by spinsters say that night, the waters ran dark; the fields ran red, and the sound of metal rang through the sky. In the end, The Shamazen Dancers were the only remaining people of this great kingdom.

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