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Rarity encounters the Commander

"I suggest you ride with Jerry. The man stinks of swine but can navigate through pits like you wouldn’t believe.” The high commander turned around, smiling at Jerry. “Isn’t that right, Jerry!”

“That be right, sir.” Jerry spat on the ground, turning Rarity’s stomach.

“Eww…” Rarity glanced at Jerry as if he was some anomaly not meant for this world. Repulsed by his mottled features, she whipped out her fan as if it alone possessed powers that would rid her of his unpleasantries and those experienced throughout the day as she gathered her skirt, mounting the horse.


The road back should’ve taken two nights, but with Rarity’s constant yapping and hunger for food, the journey was delayed, taking The Knights of Elaple out of their way and toward a remote area where a trading post came to view. It was there where Rarity realized she had to part ways with her precious fan for a piece of stale bread.

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