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Man and Creature Collide

Updated: Mar 17

Goddess from the Sea

She rose like a goddess from the sea. Eiadassa was her name. She looked at me and said, ‘Unless you’re joining me, rider, I suggest you leave. Waters don’t hold heat ‘round here.’ I cleared my throat, asking for forgiveness like the mere mortal I was as she taunted me with her bosom.

“Eiadassa, would you stop taunting the commander,” said Neteas. “He has a long way back, and the last thing he needs is your chest on his mind.”“A little longer, and I would’ve shown him my honeypot.”

Her honeypot, could you imagine? As if I was worthy of such prize. I took her hand, pressing it against my lips, taking the notes of peony and vanilla with me. Enjoy the bath, I said, as she leaned in with a whisper that my ear did not expect, ‘Perhaps another time?’ If not for our eyes falling to a gaze, I would’ve left sooner, but like a siren, this creature had me. I had to part The Highlands and fast, at least for now.

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